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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Looking for a daycare for your kids can be stressful. How do you know it is going to live up to your expectations? Your kids are irreplaceable, and you want the best possible care for them when you aren’t there for them. Here are eight signs of a good daycare.

  1. We agree with open communication with parents.

  2. You hear from others about the daycare and they come highly recommended.

  3. When you walk through the daycare, you see that it’s clean and well organized.

  4. Daycare Provider knows how to handle behavioral issues, this can be observed during your walk through. You can also ask about how they handle a kid acting up to see if it matches with your strategy and philosophy about how kids should be treated.

  5. They have a schedule for the kids. It’s beneficial for kids to have routine and know what to expect.

  6. They keep up to date with the center’s license and training.

  7. The daycare teacher works with kids through play and structure at a level appropriate to the child’s development or their target for development.

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